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MYRE takes stock of 2023 and wishes you all the best for 2024

Jan 9, 2024
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The year 2023 was marked by constant changes to the application and the arrival of new customers. 2024 is already full of plans for future functionalities.

🚀 Towards a unified property management platform

‍MYRE, beyond its initial conception, has evolved into a comprehensive property, asset and fund management tool. It now brings together, within a single environment, all the players involved in the property management value chain.

In 2023, we counted: 119 improvements and new features were deployed on the application, many of them dedicated to the needs and uses of property management.

Operational management right through to accounting discharge, data modeling and structure, consolidation of legal and financial information, projection and statistical hypotheses... these are just some of the possibilities now offered by the platform through a range of functions that interact with each other.

MYRE application and functionalities: Marketing, Auxiliary accounting, Dashboard real estate management, Financing, Dataroom, Business plan, Capex

🧩 Simplicity and adaptability are at the heart of MYRE

The modular approach adopted for the design of the application is reflected in its ease of use and the possibility of tailor-made configuration for each organization.

Our personalized support by a team of real estate professionals has enabled each structure to integrate MYRE into the environment of its teams and partners.

This seamless integration makes it a versatile management tool, covering various aspects of property management such as: rent invoice management and collection, supplier expenditure management and disbursement, expense budget management, sub-ledger accounting, financing monitoring, IRR calculation and much more.

MYRE application and features: Expense management, Configurable accounting interface, Data export, Redesign of allocation keys, Entity management, Configurable expense plan

📈 Performance, growth and new prospects for 2024

At the crossroads of innovation and efficiency, MYRE is the solution that puts real estate players back in control.

  • 📐 100,000,000 m² modeled
  • 🤝 70 customers
  • 👩👨 45 employees

For 2024, our priority is to continue to improve the application's performance and make it even easier to use.

The development of new functionalities, as well as the enhancement and improvement of existing ones, will continue at the sustained pace that has made 2023 such a success.

We look forward to telling you more in the coming weeks! Until then, the whole team wishes you a successful 2024 🙂

The MYRE team wishes you an excellent year 2024

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