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Use cases

MYRE, the tool that covers all real estate management needs

Aug 31, 2023
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As the Director of Collective Management of ALDERAN, Emmanuel de Villèle tells us about his experience with MYRE.

ALDERAN is a management company with over 20 years of expertise in property investment and development of tertiary real estate assets. To manage their 1.1 billion assets with a robust solution, they chose MYRE.

Considering its fast-growing teams, Alderan quickly had to go digital. Working with reliable and protected data through a collaborative system became an urgent need.

MYRE was the perfect solution for us, given its wide-ranging business scope: it caters to portfolio and property managers.

Incorporating MYRE in their management process was a time saver for Alderan and increased their data security. The digital switchover was fast and easy, thanks to MYRE's Customer Success Managers, a team of top real estate experts sent to Alderan for support.


Take control of your real estate assets

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Security, reliability and performance for Property Management

In a context where cyberattacks are on the increase, it is imperative for Property Managers to choose tools offering strong security guarantees.
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MYRE's new interface: simpler, smoother, more efficient

MYRE’s interface was unchanged since its launch in 2019. We have redesigned it to make the experience smoother for all users, regardless of their use of the platform: Property, Asset and Fund Management.
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MYRE rethinks its user experience and strengthens its technical foundations

🚀 We are delighted to introduce the new version of MYRE, as we have redesigned the interface to make the user experience more intuitive and better tailored to everyone’s needs.
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