MYRE rethinks its user experience and strengthens its technical foundations

Mar 11, 2024
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🚀 We're delighted to present the new version of MYRE, we've redesigned the interface to make the user experience more intuitive and better adapted to everyone's uses.

Since its creation in 2016, MYRE has established itself as one of the benchmark solutions for real estate management. 

Originally founded to meet the specific needs of real estate asset management, the platform has evolved over the years to adapt to market needs. 

New features have gradually allowed the application to meet the challenges of the rigorous practices of property management, as well as the complex expectations of fund management.

Today, we are proud to announce the new version of MYRE, thus marking an important milestone in the product's development history.

More intuitive platform

The new version of MYRE represents a significant step forward in improving the user experience. 

We have completely redesigned the way users navigate the application. The position of the main menu and its organization have changed, while operational features become more accessible and their navigation is optimized.

These changes simplify the management of day-to-day tasks such as invoicing, expense management and following-up of cash collections and disbursements, while also facilitating access to ownership structures, portfolios and properties.

Technical improvements and performance

Alongside improvements to the interface and user experience, the new version of MYRE is also the result of in-depth work on the app’s technical foundation. 

This redesign aims to improve the platform’s overall performance and accelerate future developments. 

In concrete terms, this translates into functional optimizations to reduce calculation times and make operations smoother for users. 

Efforts have also been made to strengthen data management in order to improve availability and facilitate interoperability.

For all users and use cases

This interface change and technical optimization are to improve the experience for all our users, regardless of their use of MYRE.

Whether you use the platform exclusively for property, asset or fund management, or whether your teams collaborate on these different issues within the same environment, access to data and features will now be better suited to each user.

All users will be able to obtain the information they need more easily, calculate their KPIs more quickly and carry out their tasks more efficiently.

Available as soon as testing is completed

This new version is already being tested by some of our users and will be rolled out to all our customers in the coming few days.

It is also just a step in our drive to improve the user experience. We rely on your feedback to help us continue to optimize MYRE’s navigation and apply these new usability concepts to other features of the application. 

We are taking great care to support you through this change. That is why each user will receive a personal notification indicating the exact date on which they will be able to discover their new interface. Help content will also be available to facilitate getting started, and our CSM team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

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MYRE's new interface: simpler, smoother, more efficient

MYRE’s interface was unchanged since its launch in 2019. We have redesigned it to make the experience smoother for all users, regardless of their use of the platform: Property, Asset and Fund Management.
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MYRE rethinks its user experience and strengthens its technical foundations

🚀 We are delighted to introduce the new version of MYRE, as we have redesigned the interface to make the user experience more intuitive and better tailored to everyone’s needs.
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