MYRE was born out of the need to open up and synergise professional real estate business

MYRE team cover image © Laurine Paumard
Portrait of Déborah Fritz

Déborah, CEO

Founder, with 17 years of experience in wealth management, she imagined a tailor-made tool matching the business needs.

Portrait of Ariel Boukobza

Ariel, CSO

Co-founder, his proven experience with major digital accounts assures our strong knowledge of industry issues.


Real estate expertise

For years, our team has experienced a poorly modernized and reluctant to change business. Whether in financial, legal or operational management it has appeared that commercial real estate was run with obsolete or complicated tools that did not communicate with each other.

Asset managers are thus provided with data that is not up-to-date and sometimes false, while financial issues and risk management require being confident to be responsive.

For these reasons, we found it necessary to empower asset managers and give them a tool to tackle the evolution of a global business and adapt it to the challenges of our time.

MYRE is first and foremost based on the strong belief that the way real estate partners collaborate needs a deep change as well as a reliable and available data.

High technical requirements

In order to make it real, as of 2016 we designed a global application tailored to match stakeholders’ expectations and striving to meet every structure’s requirements.

For us the need for change is not just a technological answer, we are working to create an environment of trust that is at the same time an effective tool for an entire ecosystem.

Portrait of Isabelle Cohen

Isabelle, COO

Co-founder, her expertise in law applied to real estate and finance guarantees the quality of product development and services.

Portrait Quentin Gayout

Quentin, CPTO

Expert in the conception of IT solutions, he manages projects' development and ensures the technical reliability of the products.

Have a taste of the platform

Our team is growing, join us

Since its creation in 2016, MYRE has kept growing thanks to the talents it gathers.

The team is made of very different profiles with multiple levels of experience: internships, work-study and permanent contracts.

Joining MYRE is about working in a young and innovative structure, committed to be part of the digital transformation of the real estate sector.

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MYRE’s milestones


CFNEWS IMMO Grand Prizes

PropTech Award


New fundraising

7 m€


Fintech Real Estate label

Finance Innovation


2nd fundraising

2 m€


Interest-free loan recipient


Launch of the platform


Embedded in the Wilco Premium Business Accelerator



Loans and subsidies

BNP Paribas, BPI, Région Ile-de-France

1st fundraising

500 000 €

Conception of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Proof of concept


After a few too many drinks

Creation of MYRE

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