MYRE ecosystem and features

A complete financial management and decision support tool for your real estate assets

The MYRE application ecosystem provides a comprehensive view of the operational, financial and legal status of your asset portfolio with reliable and instantaneous information. Projections and simulations are done in a few clicks for real-time acquisition and arbitrage decisions.




The unique repository of your assets

Model your entire estate for an accurate view of your portfolios, assets and ownership structures.

Business plans

Business plans

Simulate your business plans for acquisition, updating and disposal.

Valuation, acquisition and disposal

Acquisition, valuation and disposal

Model the acquisition and disposal of the property. The appraiser updates the new valuations of your assets via differentiated rights.

Holding structure

Holding structure

Represent your holding structure in detail for financial management of your assets at the level of each company.



Drive your financing strategy with an equity and debt view (including a view of tranches, lenders, bank covenants and KPIs).



A shared space with your brokers offers you a real time follow-up of the visits in progress, the potential competitors and the realized transactions.


Rental management

Model leases in detail and get a real-time view of the rental situation of your properties through the rental status.



Create, manage and anticipate the budgets of major works programs (capex) from their order to their payment.


Cash management

Real-time cash flow and KPIs allow you to have a complete vision of the financial situation of your assets within the companies.



Centralize and manage all documents in a single dedicated space. The dataroom is intelligent, its tree structure evolves automatically with the life of the assets.

Connect your management tools

MYRE communicates with all management systems on the market. Integrate your data with the platform and dump the information into your tools quickly and easily.

Connection to management tools

Control and access your data at any time

Collaborative tool

Collaborative with differentiated rights

The tool is collaborative and offers a fluid exchange of information between the parties involved for a centralized and secure management.

Calculations and automation

Computing power and automated processes

The algorithms calculate in real time with precision and performance the indicators, the projections and all the analysis elements made available.


Validation workflows

A news feed facilitates regular monitoring of user actions. Validation workflows make the data reliable and consistent.

Data consolidation

A consolidated view of your data

The visualization of information is agile, analyses can be consolidated by company, portfolio, asset and in a personalized way.

MYRE exports (PDF, XLS, ZIP, etc.)

Your data is exportable

You own the reports, export the automatically generated dashboards and analysis data at any time.

Functionalities adapted to all your real estate management needs


Monitor financial activity

Forecast your business plan

Lease Management

Lease Management

Manage your corporate Real Estate easily, and thanks to a 360° view make informed decisions. 

Property Management

Property Management

Automate lease and budget management, and generate reports with controlled and reliable data.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Optimize the financial performance of your assets with automated, reliable, real-time reports.

Fund Management

Fund Management

Drive your financial engineering strategy with a consolidated view of your investment vehicles & assets.

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Integrate data

Integrate the data

Invite associates

Invite employees

Managing assets

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