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Product and features

Control your financing strategy with pinpoint precision

Sep 26, 2023
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Financing management is an integral part of Asset Management. MYRE brings a unique solution to the real estate market through its extensive financial management. Let's have a look at this fundamental feature of real estate.

A financing strategy is based on the capital raised from investors (referred to as Equity on MYRE's platform) and the debt owed to credit providers, often banks or private debt funds.

What is the Equity module? 

Equity is the provision of funds by purchasing a company's shares to invest. It is used for initial capital raising, capital expansion to support the development of a growing company, or to boost its efficiency through capital restructuring.

MYRE allows you to monitor each investment, including share subscription, purchase, or sale, providing a comprehensive ownership diagram.

Debt management is challenging. How can MYRE facilitate its processes?

Whether for third-party or inter-company debt, we must rethink how we model debt management with the following questions in mind: who incurs the debt? What does it finance? How many tranches are there? Who are the lenders? What is the debt exposure to the lenders? What are the applicable covenants? How are these covenants calculated? What is the amortization policy and schedule? Etc.

The real estate market typically uses Excel spreadsheets, often making debt management inconvenient and complex.

MYRE introduces a ready-to-use solution that simplifies data entry and automates your analysis. The platform also allows you to connect your Financing module to any other management module, broadening your spectrum of analytical indicators with a flexible solution that helps you visualize your financial options with precise data input and an accurate representation of each model.

The MYRE tool can be used to model the specifics of all types of financing, providing greater precision in data entry and a clearer picture of the financing model in place.

Why connect your financing data to your property management data? 

By letting you connect your inflows and outflows to a company's global Cash Flow, MYRE gives you a clear view of your financial situation and profitability, incorporating the carrying costs associated with a property transaction.

However, our comprehensive financing module can also be managed separately from your real estate management system when needed.

Controlling your debt through a management platform that also handles real estate operations makes you benefit from automated calculations of bank covenants and smoother IRR calculations (Internal Rate of Return).

How does the debt module work?

You can thoroughly map your debt with a fine-tuned approach: 

  • Assign a debt to one or more contractual owner(s) and link it to one or more properties.
  • Enter all tranches and lenders for a detailed debt breakdown.
  • Record all debt drawdowns and keep track of debt repayments.
  • Use inflow/outflow graphs for an easy and regular debt flow analysis and monitoring.
  • KPIs are calculated automatically for real-time reporting.
  • Monitor your bank covenants closely for maximum risk prevention using indicators. with adjustable calculation parameters.

To learn more about debt management, check out the following article:

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