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MYRE digitizes professional real estate

B&C France
Dec 23, 2019
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Investors, asset managers, property managers, project developers ... B&C France teams use MYRE on a daily basis. In its brochure, the property management company is focusing on its new data management tool.

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Created in 2017, the 360 ​​° data collection, processing and analysis platform is the tool that asset managers lacked. It supports B&C throughout the life of an asset.

It is not uncommon to have 50 stakeholders in a tertiary real estate project: lawyers, financial experts, appraisers, managers ... an ecosystem that exchanges evolving and rarely modelled data. MYRE was created two years ago by asset management specialists who modelled this process to optimize these exchanges.

This tool was developed by asset management professionals to speak to specialists in the business — Déborah Fritz

“We have built a collaborative platform to streamline communication between internal and external players, explains Déborah Fritz, CEO of MYRE. The deposit and collection of data is carried out with access rights that are differentiated according to the typology of actors, for example a broker does not have the same rights as an asset manager. Algorithms make it possible, among other things, to carry out reporting, KPI calculations and financial projections. " MYRE makes it possible to centralize data relating to real estate assets, to store them securely and to make them accessible and searchable at all times, and on all devices such as on a smartphone.

“The market feedback is extremely positive, says Déborah Fritz. Land, investment funds, asset managers on behalf of third parties, we have many development projects ongoing. The first and foremost advantage of this tool is that it has been developed by asset management professionals to speak to specialists in the business. " It was important to get out of the 12 tab Excel templates. So the focus has been on design and user interface, which is easy to read and use.

20 to 30% time savings

Another big argument in favor of MYRE, is a 20 to 30% time savings for the working community which also appreciates the transparency of the data and the improvement of risk management that the platform ensures.

MYRE makes the data reliable and standardized, it also allows the portability of all documents thanks to a secure dataroom such as plans, leases, deeds of acquisition, leases, technical management contracts… as much data accessible in real time and fueled by all the players working on the assets.

MYRE makes the data reliable and standardized, it allows the portability of all documents thanks to a secure dataroom.

MYRE has been designed to be secure from the very beginning, because the data does not belong to MYRE. "They remain in the hands of the client," reassures Déborah Fritz. In a business where data is absolutely key, and where decisions are taken more and more quickly, this digitalization solution convinces banks and investors who also require more reporting. "We are in a period of strong acceleration, explains the CEO of MYRE, because we are supporting change management in the market. The digitalization of real estate is underway and we are helping asset managers to take this turn. " Despite the standardization of data management, and automation in their structuring, the method remains agile: MYRE offers its customers tailor-made functionalities, developed in France. It is an evolving development based on feedback from user experiences which are shared between all stakeholders. Enough to appeal to customers and investors, since MYRE is in the process of closing its second fundraising.


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