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Product and features

Take control of inter-company capital in every detail with MYRE

Sep 27, 2023
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MYRE introduces a new feature for real estate holding companies: inter-company capital management (Equity, Investment in company, and Debt).

What is a real estate holding company?

A holding company has one or more levels of ownership. Properties are managed jointly when two or more holding companies operate within the same group, which raises the following question: how do you isolate the financial strategy of a holding company within a group? MYRE took up this challenge precisely.

How do you manage holding companies on MYRE?

MYRE offers accurate and reliable Asset Management features. Each data on a property is directly linked to its holding company's management information. The platform then processes this data to produce targeted reports.

Use the management space to keep track of the following aspects easily:

  • Corporate costs
  • Invoicing
  • Investment in company (new)
  • Financing, including "Debt " and "Equity" (new)
  • Legal paperwork
  • Tenancy schedule
  • Cash Flow
  • Debt status
  • Return on investment multiples
  • etc.

New feature: inter-company capital management

With MYRE, you can now record and manage capital flows between multiple parties within one holding company. For instance, a capital flow can be displayed as an "Investment in the company" when viewed by an investor or as an "Equity" when viewed by a financed entity. With this feature, you can broaden your financing resources and fine-tune calls for funds and drawdowns.

Our financial management solution is also backed up by monitoring tools that help you itemize flows and transaction types, covering everything from capital creation (subscription, commitment, debt) to repayment (redemption, share premium, capital reduction).

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