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Use cases

MYRE, the data reliability tool

Nov 13, 2019
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Anne-Marie Wu is a financial analyst at Vitura. She tells us about the challenges of her profession and her experience with MYRE.

Can you describe your job and its issues?

I am a financial analyst in a real estate office company.

My job can be divided into four main areas: the financial and cash management of the company, accounting management and asset management support. Finally, the management of financial communication with a reporting function to investors and decision-makers.

I work with the permanent need to make reliable the data that I handle.

My key assignment is to analyze the sensitivities and performance of the assets under management, but I also take part in certain subsidiary decisions that impact the life of assets (marketing in particular).

I work with the permanent need to make reliable the data that I handle.

Before using MYRE, what were your daily problems?

My major problem was to waste time making sure that the data (rents amounts, expenses or asset valuations) that I received (by property managers or real estate experts) were accurate and reliable.  

With MYRE I know that I can give direct access to the company's real estate database, and know that our partners extract the data they need from reliable and up-to-date documents. The valuation reports are thus reliable and based upon checked.

The MYRE data room is our central document platform.

For you, what is THE big highlight of MYRE?

MYRE brings a saving of time and efficiency in our daily life!

It is a real tool of trust, which is very valuable when you have to manage a large portfolio of assets.

Take the tenancy schedule for example, which is one of MYRE’s features.

A reliable algorithm automatically indexes rents when indexes are published by INSEE.

Human error is thus almost non-existent and the information obtained is safe and usable.

What are your other uses of MYRE, and how has this changed the management of your tasks on a daily basis?

As a financial analyst, I make sure that inflows, outflows, and KPI’s (such as performance at a given date: rate of occupation, surface, number of tenants, average rent, etc.). are accurate and based upon comprehensive data.

The KPI’s must be available at any time for interested and authorized parties.

With MYRE, these key performance indicators are clearly displayed on the home page (asset review). I have them available at a glance.

Thus, MYRE platform gathers and makes easy access to global data.

It is a real tool of trust, which is very valuable when you have to manage a large portfolio of assets.

In addition, MYRE bundles this information by portfolio, with added indicators. This is once again a real time saver because we can refer to it very easily, as soon as we need it.  

What could you say to other employees who are a little bit nervous about digital change?

It is a user-friendly and reliable tool I highly recommend especially to asset managers.

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