MYRE expands its product offering through the acquisition of Straight Edge Soft

Mar 15, 2022
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Proptech created in 2016, MYRE completes the acquisition of Straight Edge Soft, a financial modeling and reporting software for professional real estate investors. The startup also welcomes its creator Renaud Gust to join its team.

MYRE brings to the real estate market a financial, legal, and operational data processing solution designed for real estate players. Its collaborative SaaS platform optimizes assets management in real time throughout their life cycle. Initially intended for use by asset managers, MYRE is now completing its offer to address the real estate management industry in general. By acquiring Straight Edge Soft, this startup is targeting a new market: real estate fund management.

Renaud Gust, creator of Straight Edge Soft, is now joining the MYRE team as Product Owner.

Renaud Gust possesses a double expertise in real estate fund management and software creation. He began his career in IT project management before moving on to financial and bank auditing within the Crédit Agricole Group. He then moved to Viveris REIM, now Swiss Life Asset Managers, where he was in charge of managing real estate funds. With nearly 15 years of experience in project management, bank audits, and financial and real estate engineering, in 2018 he created his own consulting structure Black Gust Advisory along with Straight Edge Soft. Following a similar approach to that of Déborah Fritz when she created MYRE, Renaud Gust imagined and designed a software solution to address the lack of tools available in the real estate fund management market.

"I am delighted to be joining MYRE as Product Owner to continue and consolidate my previous work on the one hand and to further complete the MYRE product offering on the financial management aspect of investment vehicles. The dynamism, cohesion, and ambition of MYRE's teams persuaded me to join the startup to help accelerate its development.", explained Renaud Gust.
"We are very pleased to welcome Renaud Gust and his Straight Edge Soft solution to support us in the expansion of our fund management offering. His versatility, combined with his business expertise and understanding of technical challenges, enables MYRE to effectively develop a product that is as close as possible to market expectations.", believes Déborah Fritz, CEO of MYRE.

About MYRE :

MYRE helps accelerate the digital transformation of real estate players, from property managers to fund managers.The collaborative platform centralizes, makes reliable and exploits all the financial, legal and operational data of all types of real estate assets (offices, shops, housing, warehouses, nursing homes, etc.) and thus makes it possible to accelerate and optimize management decisions based on real-time indicators and reliable financial projections.

About Straight Edge Soft :

Straight Edge Soft is a decision support tool for real estate investment and portfolio management. The SaaS software solution enables real estate investors, fund managers, and investment managers to quickly obtain a valuation of their assets and portfolios, and to more easily generate business plans, key performance indicators, and reports. The tool affords real estate professionals greater efficiency so they can focus on their investments and fund management.

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