Evolution of the proptech market

Jun 24, 2021
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Klein Blue Partners in partnership with Crédit Agricole Region Ile de France published the 2021 edition of the study: Proptech and Innovation in the real estate business. For the second year in a row, MYRE is listed as one of the main players of the French proptech market in the finance and investment category.

Klein Blue Partners is both a platform dedicated to startup and strategic innovation watch and a consulting firm in innovation. In addition, it produces studies about innovations in the following fields : fintech, insurtech, e-health, proptech, etc.

This study shows a picture of the 2021 French proptech ecosystem with a focus on the Ile-de-France region, which is defined as a growing sector with a total of 536 players in 2021 vs 368 the last year.

We may also note that three categories of the proptech players selection “Design and construction”, “Research and transaction” and “Management and operation”, count a lot of players and are saturated. Therefore, these solutions start to be accepted and adopted by the market. On the other hand, other categories such as “Connected Buildings and Homes”, “Life and Work” and “Finance and Investment” each of them includes 47 to 71 players that means they answer new market needs and that innovative solutions like MYRE spring up.

“Proptech and Innovation in the real estate field” study by Klein Blue with Crédit Agricole

However, despite an increase in the number of players, fundings declined by 44% between 2019 and 2020 partly due to the Covid-19 pandemic but also due to Meero major €205 million fundraising in 2019. According to Klein Blue Partners founder Salim Echoukry, the “Prop” players have been more impacted by the health crisis than the “Tech” players. He adds that the beginning of 2021 announces the end of the covid-19 crises with an increase of fundraisings.


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