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Product and features

New load plan: simple, fluid and interconnected

Nov 2, 2023
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MYRE's teams have done everything in their power to perfect and streamline load plan entry. Discover this new feature!

The load plan represents an exhaustive mapping of budget items/sub-items and load items for the various assets in the portfolio. The purpose of these various items is to classify expenses for ease of study and comparison.

MYRE offers a unique, fast entry process!

A new feature has been added to the workload plan, enabling us to manage recoverable charges for residential leases.

As the list of recoverable expenses for this asset class is governed by law, it is now possible to apply a recoverability percentage to an expense from the expense plan.

A column has been added for each expense item to indicate its recoverability rate.

For other asset classes, the calculation methods can be configured at asset level, using allocation keys.

The advantage of a tool with connected modules

While the load plan is configured at customer level, expenses can then be recorded for each asset, taking into account the particularities of each lease contract for the recovery of expenses. Finally, the budget and cashflow are then automatically updated to track landings, actuals and, consequently, cash inflows and outflows.

Connecting the different modules provides a different reading of financial elements depending on the professional who needs it

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Product and features

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Product and features

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