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Product and features

MYRE on your Smartphone

Oct 12, 2023
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Create a MYRE shortcut on your smartphone

It's easy to find a site on the home screen of your iPhone or Android smartphone.

All browsers allow you to save the url address of a website in your favorites and find it with just two clicks.

Discover step by step how to find MYRE on your mobile.

MYRE on your iPhone, step by step:

Open your web browser and type in the address (URL) of www.getmyre.com. Select the icon at the bottom of your screen, in the shape of a square and an arrow.
The "new icon" screen opens, either as a drop-down icon or as a list. Select "On home screen".
MYRE now accessible from your home screen

MYRE on your Android mobile, step by step :

Open your browser and type in the address (URL) of MYRE www.getmyre.com. Select the 3 small dots in the top right-hand corner.
Click on "Add to home screen".
MYRE can now be accessed directly from your home screen. 

Take control of your real estate assets

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Product and features

Security, reliability and performance for Property Management

In a context where cyberattacks are on the increase, it is imperative for Property Managers to choose tools offering strong security guarantees.
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Product and features

MYRE's new interface: simpler, smoother, more efficient

MYRE’s interface was unchanged since its launch in 2019. We have redesigned it to make the experience smoother for all users, regardless of their use of the platform: Property, Asset and Fund Management.
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